CORE CONCEPT: Love Me Harder

Is a song that begs the question, would we do things differently if we knew it was the last time? Would we love more? Would we be more present? Would we fight for something or someone if we knew we were going to lose them? 

The song is also a vulnerable confession about my previous relationship as I admit...

"I took the easy way out. Sometimes I wonder how it would have played out if I told you I was going to leave that night, would you change my mind?"

In an era of option inundation it can be easier to look elsewhere rather than work on a relationship. We always think there will be that next best thing and we forget to give our partners the benefit of the doubt or credit for the way they do show up for us. I learned that being the one to walk away can be even more difficult in the long run.

Also, when it comes to physical intimacy, it seems we've forgotten the main ingredient, which is sharing sacred presence. The song also alludes strongly to this facet of what it means to relate in partnership. 

Fortunately, my ex-boyfriend is mature and loving and we both have come to a place where we can take responsibility for the areas where we have room to improve. At the end of the day, the best thing we can do is keep moving forward with gratitude for what was as we journey to find love again.

But the question still remains...

"If you knew it was the last, baby I just had to ask...

Would you love me harder?"